German photographer Christian Oita has helped shape the iconography of modern female rolemodels like Kary Perry and Emma Watson. And while his recent list of celebrity covers includes the beautiful Emilia Clarke and supermodel Hailey Bieber, the artist is best known for his strong images of men. 
Born in Romania and raised in a small town in Germany, nothing in Oita's suburban upbringing by an immigrant working-class family hinted at a career in fashion. After a brief stint as a self taught painter in his early teenage years, he trained as a journalist and worked for the arts sections of local newspapers before transitioning into photography 10 years ago. Today Oita is a sought-after image maker on both sides of the Atlantic. He regularly brings his testosterone-fueled portraits of athletes and actors to the pages of GQ, VMAN, Man About Town and Wonderland Magazine. Citing gay European filmmakers Pier Paolo Passolini and Pedro Almodovar as major influences, Oita's fondness for cinematic settings often results in immaculately fresh and sexy photos. An underwear-clad Nick Jonas might be amongst his best-known subjects, but Oita's portfolio offers a diverse world of stunning male beauty. In 2012, his Black and White portrait of Dutch ballerino Marijn Rademaker titled "My Body Sleeps" was shown at the Grand Palais National Gallery in Paris. More recently, his advertising work allowed the German an initial forey into the moving image. He has photographed worldwide campaigns and directed inventive commercials for brands like Moschino, NIKE, Tommy Hilfiger and DSQUARED2, among others. Fashion brands and prestigious clients repeatedly turn to Oita for his arresting images of the male physique and his signature touch in post production. The distinct use of color and vibrant lighting techniques make his digitally collaged photographs instantly recognisable and have gained him a significant social media following. Ten years into his photographic career, Oita has become an influencial voice in the increasingly inclusive world of fashion. 
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